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Mental Health Resources

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*Mental health disorders account for over 50% of the total disease burden in youth

​*Led by depression, anxiety, substance use disorders, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia

*Almost 1 in 4 youth aged 12-25 years experience a mental disorder in any year

*% of Mental Illnesses that presents by age 24: 75%

*% of Youth with illness who access treatment for mental illness: 25%


The following resources can help youth connect to wellness:

  • eMental Health – Search for mental health services, help and support anywhere in Canada
  • Mind Check – Check out how you are feeling; connect with resources, support, education, and self-care tools.
  • Mind Your Mind – Search for facts and strategies for mental health and wellness, interactive tools for education and managing wellness.
  • Teen Mental Health – Tools & resources to help educate yourself on mental illness
  • Kelty Mental Health – Resource center for mental illness and substance use, linking youth with support options, education, and tips to healthy living

 Self Help Tools:

  • Here to Help – For self-help resources for mental health and substance use from BC Partners for Mental Health
  • Anxiety BC Youth – Collection of self-help guides offering step-by-step advice on dealing with anxiety and related symptoms.
  • Walk Along: Your journey to Mental Wellness – Your online mental health companion to map and track your journey, a collection of tips and self-help resources for mental health.


  • Healthy Minds App– problem solving tool to help deal with emotions and stress and keep your mind healthy
  • Mind Your Mood– easy to use app that allows you to track your moods securely on your phone
  • MindShift– tool to help you cope and manage your anxiety
  • BoosterBuddy– tool to help you improve your mental health